Introduction of the laboratory

Hai-ming xie, male, han nationality, born in February 1974, native of Inner Mongolia; In 2008, northeast normal university institute of chemical physics chemical professional doctorate graduation; Leave work of northeast normal university, 2007, 2009 by the abnormality is rated as associate professor, was abnormality is rated as full professor in 2010. The main research direction on anode materials for lithium ion power battery and its are research and development. The current power battery state local engineering lab director, in 2010 won the national excellent doctoral dissertation nomination, changchun May Day labor diploma in 2011, in 2012 the ministry of education in the new century talents, in 2013, the first subject leader for jilin province, northeast normal university professor imitation Wu Qingnian scholar. Professor hai-ming xie for years studying new materials and lithium ion battery, continuous, bear the national science and technology support plan